2 Year Old Options

2nd child payments include a 10% discount.

Dear RNS Families:

After much thought as a school, and with incredibly heavy hearts, we have decided that at this time, we are unable to provide our two’s program for families.

We know that this is challenging to hear, especially as we move closer to the beginning of the school year. We do not feel that we have the appropriate resources or the ability to provide the best quality of care to our two year old students, as we have in years past.

We are not sure what January and beyond will bring. With that, you can decide to hold your place for the two’s classroom and return to our class, if we are able, in January.

We hope for a better future. We are hoping that the second half of the year will be more stable. We hope that at that time, we can provide the quality educational program that we have done in past years. We hope that you stay within the RNS family and we hope that you consider allowing your children to begin our programs moving forward.

If you have absolutely any questions at all, please do not hesitate to connect with us.

Again, thank you for your understanding and patience with us during this time. This is unchartered territory for us as we look to return to providing exceptional education to our students

Thank you so much

Academic Focus

Our two year old classes have a maximum class size of twelve children. The structure of their program provides an environment which helps them to accept non-family, caring, adult guidance. They are encouraged to actively participate in group and individual activities. These activities encourage socialization.

Our two-year old program is a warm, loving environment that gives students their first introduction to school routines, peer socialization, and being away from home. It is a play-based curriculum that includes free-play, circle time, story time, music and movement, art activities, and turn taking games.

Children are given an introduction to counting, shapes, colors and patterns. They learn to take turns, listen, play cooperatively and have fun.

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