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Kirstin has been co-director of Rush Nursery School since 2005. She started as a teacher aid in 2002 and began teaching 3 years later. Previously, she taught 6th grade for 7 1/2 years, taking time off to have her own children. Kirstin brings to Rush Nursery School a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in Special Education.


Welcome Parents of Class of 2035

This Fall is going to be exciting as we get to know each other. Becoming sociable is one of many concepts taught in our class. Being together 5 days for 2 ½ hours allows us to all really get to know each other. Very soon we are all one big family. As we begin our school year, we will talk about Apples, Pumpkins, Leaves, and all things that go along with Fall. We will have our Annual Fall Stroll on October 3rd. We will have our class pictures on November 5th On November 6th, we will have Mothers Saturday. There are so many exciting, memorable activities that we will be doing in and outside our classroom, This Fall will be filled with a lot of fun!

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